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Marinduque Travel: Ulong Bay, the cheap escape



From Mogpog, walk to the public market and you’ll see a line of tricycles that you can rent for a rate of 100 pesos one way. (They can transport a maximum of five people depending on how much luggage you have.)

Tip: for a more convenient travel when going back to Mogpog, get the contact number of your trike driver so you can contact him after your adventure.



You have to cross this bridge before reaching the bay!




There are two beach resorts located in Ulong Bay. We decided to stay at the Family beach resort and here are the rates. (For day trip.)


Regular rates: (off peak season)

Umbrella (with four chairs and table) – 50 pesos

Nipa hut (good for 15 to 20 people) – 250 pesos


Peak Season

Umbrella (with four chairs and table) – 150 pesos

Nipa Hut (good for 15 to 20 people) – they opt to charge guests per head during this season



Ella’s experience

I am actually quite disappointed with our experience during the peak season because we only had a five day difference between our first and second visit and the price turned out too high though I understand that it is peak season. However, the more frustrating part is that my group is willing to pay higher for the nipa hut but they insist it is reserved for a certain group already. After some time, they gave it to another group who just came after us. It was a struggle for us at first because we were given the umbrella seat but it has no umbrella at all. They gave us an umbrella afterwards so it’s a relief in some way. If you plan your trip during an off peak season, you’ll be pampered by all means so it’s hugely suggested.



Good water supply

Bathroom and Shower Area

Lavatory for washing your dishes

Trash bins for every nipa hut (also near the umbrellas)

Proximity to the beach (you are just five meters away from the water)

Optional: You can rent inflatable at 30 pesos only

Grill for rent

Ulong bay’s sand isn’t pure white but it looks almost white sand when I took photos. When we came here, we are lucky enough to enjoy four sand bars at near sunset. The temperature of water also changes from morning to night so make sure to enjoy your stay!



Ella’s tip:

If you can’t avoid visiting the place during holy week, make sure to come as early as dawn just so you can have a good cottage to rent. If not, you can bring your own tent. Anyway, the place is free of charge!


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