Kopino Children Association Anniversary!

(Kopino event/ a recap)
It’s my first time meeting the kids and I don’t really have an idea on how to deal with children since I am an only child. I volunteered as photographer in their 10th anniversary event! Upon entering the shelter, I was asked if I am also a ‘Kopino.’ (Half-Korean and Half-Filipino) by a kid. This thought gave me a little laugh, “Do I look like one?” I’m introduced to them but I can’t remember a single name. I’m bad at names.
During the event, I walk back and forth to take photos. I  also enjoyed talking to them since they are kind. I wasn’t able to have much encounter with since the atmosphere is busy but we had good times together.I still remember how the little girl used to put a piece of flower in my ears.

I appreciate people with a kind heart to help other people, to Mr. and Mrs. Son, who devoted themselves to raise Kopino’s and help them in their journey towards self-development and fulfillment. You deserve great recognition yet you humble yourselves, a trait we must all learn to have.


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